- Developer Documentation

This documentation is intended for developers who want to help out with the project which aims to bring transparency to EU farm subsidies and is run by the OpenSpending community.


  • In the Introduction section you can find some information about and some hints where you might want to start reading to get an overview about European Union farm subsidy policy.
  • The Website section is describing the structure of the website and the corresponding source code on GitHub.
  • In the Scraper section people who want to help out can find information on how to write scapers for the different countries. Scrapers for the data are hosted in a separate GitHub repository.


This document - especially the definition for new data format starting in 2013 in the scraper section (see: Scraper Data Format) is currently in DRAFT status, which means that there will be some changes in the next weeks. For recent changes see both the website changelog (Changelog (Website)) and the scraper_changelog (Changelog (Scraper)).

This doesn’t mean, that you shouldn’t write your scraper yet since life is a long quite (and ever changing) river and 80+ percent of your work will be able to be kept. Just be aware that there might be the need of some last changes to get everything to work!

For remarks or questions please contact holgerd77 on Github (March 15th, 2014).


New farmsubsidy data for 2013 should be release around April/May 2014.

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